Have you ever met someone and thought...
"We were destined to meet."

Join me and my HeartFriend Angela Wilkinson, as she delves deep into me and my work with women to "Remember the ME Before Mama."

Enjoy the VIDEO ABOVE or LISTEN TO mp3 BELOW & maybe you'll here a lil somethin' that reminds you of the woman in your own mirror.
What keeps you up in the middle of the night?
Or better yet, what WAKES you up?!

At first I thought for me it was a sore throat,
Or the reminiscent coughing of my littlest in her sleep across the hall.

But as I submit to the wakefulness and sit here at this screen
I recognize the truth of my wakefulness
Is fear
Of visibility.

I am stepping out in the the world,
In a whole new wide way.
And it is the frightening the crap out of me!

I have been tempted for so long to show only the “good stuff”,
The visions of success and confidence,
The “I got this” mentality.

Well today the truth comes out.
I am scared EVERY day.
Every. Single. Day.

And not in a pessimistic way,
I trust that I am always safe.
I trust that I am always taken care of.

But, sometimes even this trust isn’t enough.
And the reason is because it’s a new to me muscle,
And most especially trusting ME.

As a young girl, and young woman,
I didn’t trust myself.
I looked to others for validation and security.

And now as I step out further into my truth,
As I step out into what I KNOW is my calling
I freak out!

More and more I am up against folks who don’t quite get me.
And for the people pleaser I’ve trained myself to be,
This can be terrifying,

For so long I depended on others approval.
“What will they think?," I wondered.
“What if they don’t approve?," I feared.

And yet through it all
I persevere.
And I remind myself -
I’m still here.

So this early a.m., while one kiddos snores,
And the other is restless and coughing,
I sit here and trust.

I trust my path
My choices
My truth.

I am getting used to disappointing others,
And not in a pessimistic way
Of always expecting disapproval.

But, instead of expecting that not everyone
Will always approve
Or even get me
And really that is not my burden to bear.

So, I wonder to you dear reader
What has brought you here in this moment?
What of my musings reflects your own inner stirrings?
Share with me.

Trust with me,
That your path too
Is perfect for you.

And now as I allow this fear to pass through me
I recognize the glimmer of hope that awaits on the other side.
Thank you friend for witnessing with me.

My gift to you in this moment
Is thanks and (((HeartHugs))).

My journey is not mine to keep,
But to share in hopes of inspiring others
Along your own journey of
Back to the truth
Of the perfection that is you.
Yes, right in this very exact moment.

I. See. You.
And the view
is mesmerizing.
TODAY I continue my celebration of a dream becoming reality.

I've grown up writing, I am surrounded by writers.
And now I AM a published author!

Women Who Ignite is the culmination of an extraordinary tribe of women sharing their stories and their inspirations. Described as, "A collection of enlightening stories to reconnect, uplift and inspire your soul's journey." Even more, my story and the stories of my now friends, are inspirations for other women, for YOU, to dare to dream bigger. 

Imagine that YOU ARE ALL-READY ENOUGH. (And no that's not a typo. ALL of you is ALL right now. You are enough.)

Watch with me below and then be ready to embark on your own celebration. Now. 
It's YOUR TIME to celebrate YOU!

What's your celebration today? Share with us below, so we can celebrate along with you.
Buy Books - How many?
Do you remember the woman in the mirror?
Have you talked lately?

Give yourself a few moments and enjoy my message to YOU. 

Yes, NOW. You are worth the pause.
What are your newest boundaries?
What is working? What needs to change?
What happens when you don't listen to your gut? Enjoy my journey from stinky to sweet.
My reminder to me, and then to you - Even amongst the crazy, support is right there on the other side, waiting for you. Embrace Support my friends, you are worth every bit!
These were my moments not even a week ago, and still the truth of it inspires me today.
Take a few moments, and join me on this journey of allowing tears and taking up space. You are worth every bit of release.
How do you deal with overwhelm? One of my heart-tools is poetry. Enjoy. 

"My Truth" 

Old patterns are falling away,
And new opportunities are opening up.

And it is scaring the BEJEEBEES out of me!
And yet I continue,
I must, for there is no other way.

Living small, trying to blend in.
It just does not fit.

I’ve accepted my destiny as trailblazer
As way weaver, and as guide.

I am feeling super raw and vulnerable and terrified
a little bit nauseous, my stomach hurts
like I want to cry

I feel terrified by all these new openings
This physical opening of space
and yet, calm

I am scared
of the responsibility
I'm taking up too much space
that's not a thing

I don't trust my instincts because my story
is that following my instincts
always leads to hurt
but that's an old story
that was never mine

my truth
is that I am perfectly
on my path
even if others don't understand
it is perfect for me

I am always in my truth
I always have myself

I keep remembering,
don't succumb to the fear
you are perfectly perfect on your path

Keep moving.

(July 2016)
Enjoy these moments of inspiration from me to you. And then share with me your own magical moments. What made you pause today?